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Located on a beautiful 3.2-acre campus, Brush Creek Montessori School is a private, independent Montessori school for children age 18 months to 12 years. Brush Creek is the only fully-affiliated, truly independent Montessori school in Sonoma County. Our school is accredited by the American Montessori Society, and has been recognized by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Academic Excellence. Our two-year intensive teacher training program is accredited by MACTE.

When you arrive at Brush Creek, you might see primary age children working quietly and patiently to complete a sensory-based learning task, or playing loudly and freely in one of our outdoor playgrounds. You might see Elementary age children sitting with their teacher for a group lesson on the history of flight, or flying paper airplanes they designed and made on their own while learning about the mechanics of flight. Lower elementary students might be singing in the chorus or practicing note reading, rhythm and pitch on instruments. An Upper Elementary student might be reading a novel, or studying fractions. Or perhaps you will come across children caring for chickens or garden beds, or running a smoothie stand to raise funds for a field trip. We offer so many opportunities for children to learn and develop at their own pace, guided by our warm and experienced teachers.

Teachers, parents, Board members, staff and friends work together at BCMS to create a community of support for the children as they grow, for Montessori is fundamentally a child-centered educational system that honors a child’s own inborn sense of curiosity and natural drive to learn. Our classrooms are cozy and calm, providing a “home away from home” for the children. Our programs are mixed-age, allowing older students to mentor and inspire younger children, and we have a Peace Curriculum throughout the school. Our classrooms are designed to allow movement and collaboration as well as a sense of beauty and order, and learning is always individualized, as each child has been born into this world with a unique set of passions, abilities, and aptitudes.

When children leave Brush Creek Montessori School, they have learned how to learn, and perhaps even more importantly, they have learned to love to learn.

We encourage you to contact us for a visit or a tour. Enrollment for the 2016-17 school year begins on March 15th. We really hope to meet you and your children soon!


BCMS Welcomes the 2016/17 Academic Year!


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