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Talking Head (Of School)

As 2016 winds down and we look ahead to the New Year, it’s a nice time to reflect on how we have all grown over the past months.  We’ve all been through some ups and downs this year and we can sometimes lose sight of how many things we’ve accomplished.  Maybe it’s learning some more words to express how you’re feeling.  Maybe it’s finally understanding that 8 is more than 3.  It could be you’ve finally mastered “Jingle Bells” on the recorder.  Many of these milestones can go unheeded, but indeed these are the moments that build the personality and strengthen the character.  Every day, our students practice skills to hone their inborn talents and help discover the person they will become.  Our privilege as adults is to witness and aide these developing gifts in the children and help them discover the joy of finding what activity makes them happy.

These gloomy, dark days and nights can sometimes make us tired and cranky.  The hectic holiday bustle can set nerves on edge.  There seems to be a lot of anxiety over what’s in store for us in the next 4 years as we move into a new Administration.  While all of these are real and valid feelings, we can also remember this is the time of year for cozy reading nooks by the fire.  For watching birds through misty windows.  This is when the hills surrounding us turn from gold to green (appropriate for the season!).  Some creatures wake, while others take a nap.  It’s a good time of year to reflect on that, and to marvel at it.

As the Earth makes it’s journey around the Sun, the Northern Hemisphere beginning to tip itself toward the light, remember that what was night will be day, and what was dark will be light. I wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season.  Please help me send healing thoughts to our beloved Kim (teacher in Amber classroom) as she recovers from surgery.  We look forward to seeing her in the New Year.

Happy Holidays,


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