The Talking Head (Of School)

You may have noticed a few of the changes that have taken place over the past few months and while it has been a bit messy at times, we hope you can begin to see that our plan for adding new classrooms and updating existing buildings is beginning to take shape.  We’ve been slowly splitting up firewood from the burned trees, cleaning out large brush piles, and adding wood chips to the gardens.  We even had help from alumni student Porter Young in taking out our old storage shed!  As we continue to adjust our designs, set up meetings, and work out logistics we welcome your input and help as we endeavor to move the project to completion.  There is always something to do!

Also, as you know, we are in the Priority Re-Enrollment period until Thursday, February 15.  That means you have until that time to re-enroll your child(ren) before we open enrollment to our wait-listed families.  We do expect to fill all available spaces quickly, once we open the enrollment.  Please fill out the new enrollment form and return it to the office ASAP to secure your place for next year!

Even though we are in full recovery mode after last October’s fires, we still realize and appreciate that we are not back to “normal”, if we ever will be after such a traumatic event.  Families are still being tested with less-than-ideal accommodations, disruptions to travel routes, and the loss of favorite items that may never be replaced.  We all know someone who lost their home and we hope that BCMS continues to be a small place of refuge from the struggles that the disaster brought upon us.  We look at our Renewal Project as a way of affirming our belief that we can build something incredible from the loss we experienced.  I hope you will help us in our mission!