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Talking Head (of School)

“The leaves are falling down, the leaves are falling down…some are red and others brown, the leaves are falling down.”

The cool weather is a welcome sign of the change of season. We love spending time outside, feeling cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. Rainy days mean lots of time spent inside, so this time of year is especially important to check your child for signs of illness and, if found, keep them home to protect the health of the community. We love to take walks in the rain to observe how the landscape and wild animals change in the weather, so dressing your child in layers, rain coats and boots is helpful in wet weather.

Our parking lot has always been crowded but lately it seems even more congested. Please slow down, be mindful of other cars and above all please watch for children.

Something that will help not only the congestion of our parking lot, but also the smooth transition into the classroom environment is arriving on time. All students have a 15 minute grace period before and after school to arrive and depart promptly. This helps our teachers get the day started with the least amount of interruption to the work period. Please refrain from lingering in our parking lot, as it worsens the traffic situation. We invite you to join parents for the 2nd Cup of Coffee Club, hosted once a month in the office where parents can grab a coffee from the Sequoia Sky High Coffee Cart just after drop off, then hang out and chat for a while. If space allows, please use the staff parking lot if you plan to join this exciting new program at BCMS.

Also, a big, hearty THANK YOU to the families that were able to help today with the workday! We got a LOT accomplished and the school is looking great.

Lastly, our Day of Honor Celebration is on Monday, October 31, from 11am-12pm (Half Day Dismissal that day), and our Fall Festival is on Saturday, November 5 from 4-7pm. Contact the office for more info on any of these events.

Happy Autumn!

-Jed, Head of School

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