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We are so happy that we will be able to open our doors again, after the fire, on Monday, October 30. 

Current BCMS families – you should have received an email about the fire recovery and reopening from Jed this morning. You can also read it in the Newsletter section of this website, under the Community heading.

Here are some excerpts:

From the Santa Rosa Fire Department, we have learned that the fire in front of BCMS started at approximately 10pm on Sunday night and was contained at about 10:40pm 10/8, and was caused by an arc from a power line, due to the extreme winds that night. Because it occurred in advance of the major fires encroaching into Santa Rosa from the east and south, they were able to immediately send four fire engines to the scene and extinguish it before it could spread beyond the corner of the property. We, and the surrounding neighborhood, are extremely fortunate that the timing of the fire allowed for this swift response, and we are extremely grateful for our local fire department.

Please remember that we have started a fund to help families who are dealing with the financial upheaval these fires have caused.  We invite you to share our school’s link to this fund with friends, family, colleagues or any other organization who might be willing to help our community:

If you would like to be part of our fundraising work, both for these immediate fire-related needs and also for the improvement and expansion of our school, please let Jed or a Board member know. This disaster has made the value of coming together as a community extremely clear, and also has brought home, too closely, the realities of the environment we live in.  We would like to prioritize making our school more safe, more beautiful, more impactful, and more green.


Thank you again for your patience and for your ongoing support of this small, important community.

-Amy Robinson , BCMS Board President


This is a photo of the first sprout through the ashes on a property at the top of the Calistoga Rd. grade, not far from our school, after that first rain.

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