The Value of a Montessori Education

Brush Creek Montessori School is a not-for-profit private school committed to the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of the children in our care, and to accessible tuition costs.  BCMS is an American Montessori Society associate school. By enrolling at BCMS you are receiving the depth of our 45-year presence in Sonoma County, and of over 100 years of Montessori philosophy and its demonstrated excellence.

Please inquire to our office about tuition breakdowns for the following programs: Toddler, Primary, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary

Full and Half day programs are available for Toddler and Primary programs

Options for a reduced schedule (with consecutive days) are available for the Toddler and Primary programs. Inquire with our office. 


Tuition Details:

  • Tuition is paid monthly over 10 months, and to reserve your child’s place at enrollment, we require prepayment of the last month's (June) tuition.  A 3% discount is applied for paying a full year's tuition before September 1st of the academic year.
  • We charge a one-time, non-refundable Registration Fee. 
  • For more detailed information about our tuition and fees, as well as childcare before and after school,  please contact the office



BCMS, in line with American Montessori Society guidelines, sets aside a portion of yearly tuition for scholarships and financial assistance. Financial Need Scholarships (FNS) are offered to families in the spring of each year for the next school year. FNS are available only for students who enroll full-time.  Families wishing to apply for a FNS can apply online through the independent agency Private School Aide Service (PSAS). All applications must be completed and received by the yearly deadline to be eligible. You will need a School Authorization Code to complete the application. Please consult the office for this code. Eligibility is evaluated by PSAS and families in financial need will be ranked anonymously in order of need, from greatest to least. The anonymous applications are submitted to the BCMS Board of Directors Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of two Board Members, for review. Scholarship monies are awarded to all families that qualify, based upon degree of need. For more information about scholarships, please consult the BCMS Community Handbook or visit PSAS online. In addition, interested families can apply to The Basic Fund, an independent foundation that provides K-8 tuition assistance to low-income families. We'd love for this to work for you!