Jed Burchett

Head of School

Jed is a graduate of Sonoma State University and holds a Bachelors degree in Art History. He attained his Montessori teaching credential through the Maria Montessori Teacher Training Center with graduate units through California State University East Bay. Jed also attended the Adolescent Teacher Training Program in Hershey, Ohio. Before joining the teaching staff at BCMS in 2005, Jed worked as a counselor in a group home for deaf teenagers in the foster care system. He shares his knowledge of American Sign Language with his students at BCMS. Jed lives with his husband in Sebastopol with their many pets.


Jessica Omar

Program Director

Head Teacher, Sequoia Classroom (Upper Elementary, ages 8 – 11)

Jessica has taught at Brush Creek Montessori School since 2004. She holds a Montessori teaching credential from the Maria Montessori Teacher Training Center. She graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA in education and Liberal Studies. In addition, she completed her Elementary Training at the Montessori Teacher Education Center of the San Francisco Bay Area. Before joining the BCMS staff, Jessica spent a year working at Little Oaks Montessori in Petaluma, CA. Jessica lives in Windsor with her husband and their two sons.


Pauline Gutierrez

Admissions Director

Head Teacher, Eucalyptus Classroom (Lower Elementary, ages 6 - 8)

Pauline is a graduate of Prescott College with a BA in Education. She also completed her Montessori Teacher Training at Clay Platte Children's House in 1984. She has worked as a Montessori Head Teacher in the Preschool and Lower Elementary Classrooms for 30 years. Pauline is married and has four grown children.


Susan Morrell

Head Teacher, Amber Classroom (Primary, ages 3 – 6)

Susan Morrell is a graduate of Sonoma State University with a BA in Liberal Studies. She earned a Montessori teaching credential from the Maria Montessori Teacher Training Center. Before joining the staff at BCMS in 2006, Susan spent six years as an Assistant Teacher at the Montessori School of Petaluma. Susan is married and has two sons.


Kim Mrad

Assistant Teacher, Amber Classroom  (Primary, ages 3 – 6)

Kim Mrad majored in child development at the Santa Rosa Junior College, where she received an Associate Teacher Certificate. Before joining the staff at BCMS, Kim was an assistant teacher at the Montessori School of Petaluma for four years. While working at MSOP, she received a Montessori early childhood assistant teaching certificate from the Montessori Teacher Education Center in the San Francisco Bay Area. She completed the Montessori Teacher Training program in 2013. Kim is married with a son and daughter.


Lillian Myers

Drama Teacher (Primary), Spanish/Gardening (all classrooms)

Lillian Myers is an educator, as well as an actress and prop designer for theaters both nationally and internationally. Lillian received a BFA from Naropa University in Theater and a minor in Early Childhood Education with a focus on the intersection of Montessori and Waldorf in low-income settings. For the past two years, Lillian has worked with Performers Without Borders teaching social circus to at-risk youth in Kenya and Northern India. Prior, Lillian worked tutoring youth in special education and in Chalmita, Mexico at Eco-Mundi Montessori. Born and raised in San Francisco, Lillian now lives in Sebastopol crafting her garden, orchard and community.


June Lee Saler

Music Teacher (Elementary Programs)

June Lee Saler has been the music teacher for both elementary classes since 2009. She also teaches in the Lower Elementary classroom on Fridays.  She holds a Masters of Fine Arts from California State University, Fullerton as well as a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. June Lee organized the BCMS Band in 2012. She accompanies school choirs from elementary through college levels, specializing in musicals, and currently holds private piano lessons after school for our students. She has four college-age children.